Free ReactJS Coding Challenges: Build Functionality for Responsive UI

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Front-end developers play multiple roles in software companies. If we categorize these roles, we will see two broad categories: UI developers and business logic developers. The UI developer implements the design, while the other implements the logic and makes the app functional.

The second one requires sound logic practice because you have to make UI work accordingly. We are here with some interesting Reactjs Challenges for you that will help you test your ReactJS skills.

These are basically coding challenges in which the user interface is already built in Reactjs and it is also responsive but not functional, and your job is to make them functional by writing business logic using Reactjs mainly Javascript.

In the section below "User Stories" are given so to make the UI functional you have to fulfill all the "User Stories".

Tech Stack: ReactJS with Typescript

Who Can Use these ReactJS Coding Challenges?

  1. Beginner developers looking for a fun little frontend coding challenges to test their ReactJS logic-building skills

  2. Developers interested in building small tools that they can convert into micro SAAS

  3. Companies looking for ReactJS hiring challenges to assess their candidate's ReactJS coding skills

List of Reactjs Challenges

All challenges are free. I wanted the challenges to be different and designed them carefully. In each challenge, I have covered different skill sets of JavaScript and Reactjs, from the array to object, the string to regex, and Reactjs hooks.

Challenge #1: Text Analyzer Tool

It is an easy challenge in which you have to build logic for a text analyzer that will count the number of words, letters, paragraphs, and more of the text written in the textarea.

reactjs word counter

Demo App

Accept the Challenge

2. Challenge #2: React Password Generator

This challenge is suitable for beginners as well. In this challenge, you will develop logic for a password generator, including options for creating and validating a password with a specified strength, copying the password, and passwords with desired characters. reactjs password generator

Demo App

Accept the Challenge

Challenge #3: Random Quote Generator

This challenge is currently under development. reactjs random quote generator

Challenge #4: React Typescript Task Manager

This challenge is currently under development. reactjs task manager

What to do when you complete ReactJS challenge?

  1. Compare your code with mine: As there are many ways to do coding challenges and build logic, you can go through my code to compare and learn to write less lines of code.

  2. Add to your Portfolio: You can also add these challenges to your portfolio, but after changing the overall layout of the tool. You can use your own theme and customize it in any way to make it more impressive. Since we are using themes for CSS, you only have to replace or add variables in the theme file.

  3. Share on your Twitter handle: You can also share your answer or your experience of ReactJS coding challenge on Twitter by adding #codevertiser #100DaysOfCode (if you are following the journey), #frontEndChallenges #reactjsChallenges

What if you couldn’t do ReactJS Challenges?

Ideally, you should finish these challenges on your own regardless of how long it takes, as figuring it out on your own would help hone your skills as a front-end and ReactJS developer. However, you can see hints if you are stuck somewhere in the middle. Hints will give you a better idea about how to write logic.

For working code like you have seen in the demo app, you can send me an email at [email protected] or can reach out to me on LinkedIn or Twitter.


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