Transform Your Front-End Development Career with This Resource

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Have you ever wondered how can you double your worth if you are a Frontend developer?

While working as a Frontend Developer, I was thinking the same?

Yes, because we all want to be financially independent.

The only way to grow is by upgrading skills and the right resource changes the learning path of a person.

Today I am sharing a course that will double your worth if you are a front-end developer. It will make you more valuable to yourself and the organization. As we all want to be financially independent, it might be the first step towards your financially stable journey.

About the Course

YouTube is an excellent source to learn NodeJS, but the information available on YouTube is scattered and provides superficial knowledge.

So, I decided to take a premium course.

While searching for a well-structured course at Udemy, I found the Jonas Schmedtmann NodeJS course, a highly rated and reviewed. Jonas Schmedtmann is an exceptional teacher at Udemy and he has 1.4 million students, with a 4.7 instructor rating. I had taken his JavaScript course before and was impressed by his teaching style.

Who should take this course?

This course is for you if you are:

  • A Frontend developer and want to become a full-stack developer
  • Already familiar with JavaScript and want to get into backend development.

What will you learn?

I am recommending this course because I have taken it myself. This course will help you level up your NodeJS skills from basic to advanced. This course has 37.5 hours of content that includes:

  • Strong base for NodeJS
  • Advanced usage of the postman, how to organize requests, and create an environment
  • Error handling with reusable function
  • The most important topics are authentication, authorization, and forgotten passwords.
  • MVC architecture for scale
  • Advanced mongoose
  • Last but not least, Deployment

In short, this is the complete power-packed course that can take you from a frontend developer to a full-stack engineer. You can have a look at this course at this link.

What next step after learning NodeJS?

Once you have learned NodeJS, you can move ahead in the following directions:

  • You can go for another NodeJS framework named NestJS to enhance your tech stack.
  • You can also learn system design, a fascinating term for the developer.
  • If you are passionate about making decisions, you can switch to product management and learn it. (More decision means more valuable you are)

Node.js, Express, MongoDB & More: The Complete Bootcamp 2022

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